Tour de France: dates maintained and gauges under study

Asked by RMC Sport this Wednesday on the sidelines of the Flèche Wallonne, Christian Prudhomme reaffirmed that the Tour de France would start well on June 26th. If the second stage poses a problem because of the regional elections on the same day, the director of the Grande Boucle waits until June to find out the reception gauges for the public.

67 days before the start of the Tour de France, on June 26 in Brest, Christian Prudhomme remains confident about the good performance of the Grande Boucle. “The Tour will start this year on the scheduled dates, we will not be forced to change the dates, which was the case last year”, replied the director of the Tour de France, interviewed this morning by RMC Sport in Charleroi ( Belgium) on the sidelines of the Ardennes classic “La Flèche Wallonne”.

Despite everything, Christian Prudhomme remains uncertain about the conditions of the race. “We do not yet know what the gauge system will be. There will necessarily always be masks, there will necessarily always be freezing, there will necessarily always be PCR tests, even if people are vaccinated, warned the director cycling at ASO, organizer of the event. It will take a little longer to find the classic crowds of the Tour de France. Now, I prefer to see the glass half full than the glass half empty, especially after the postponement of Paris Roubaix. We are at the start of the Ardennes classics with races that exist without a public. There will be a public on the Tour de France. To what extent I do not know yet. I think we will know about three weeks more before the start of the Tour. “

The second step is problematic

But besides the sanitary conditions, another threat places on the Tour de France and more precisely on the second stage (Perros-Guirec / Mûr de Bretagne Guerlédan) on Sunday June 27, the day of the second round of the regional elections. “Everything will work out, we just need to focus on two or three things”, replied Prudhomme, after being mentioned by local Breton elected officials a delay in the start of this Great Loop.

“I do not have a plethora of municipal agents to be able to organize everything at the same time. The vaccination center, the polling stations and the organization of the Tour de France, that’s a lot. It is not possible”, had thus declared Fanny Chappé, the mayor (PS) of Paimpol to Radio France on April 13. Obviously enough to cause slight concern but for all that, the Tour de France should well find its place in the summer calendar.


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