Tomorrow is ours: Why Natacha Lindinger (Sam) doesn’t want to star in the show?

Since 2018, it is Natacha Lindinger who plays the main role of the series sat on TF1, after the departure of Mathilde Seigner after only one season. She gives the answer to Fred Testot. The 50-year-old actress, very popular with viewers, is in demand on television and in the cinema. She was notably in the casting of the mini-series Fault on M6 and was seen in Kabul Kitchen on Canal +. But Natacha Lindinger is not the type to accept just any project. And there is especially one that she probably does not have the ambition to accept, namely fiction Tomorrow belongs to us.

Indeed, while other comedians from the front page like to make appearances in the daily series, like Franck Sémonin for example, the interpreter of sat has indicated that she would not like to. “I think I wouldn’t want to. Recurrence is special, because you have to renew yourself. I don’t like the idea of ​​belonging, of being a channel representative, of doing just one type of role.

sat already easily takes me five months a year. I need to have other plans“, was she justified in the columns of the last issue of TV 2 weeks, released January 11, 2021.

Even if she wants to embark on new adventures, Natacha Lindinger is not ready to let go of her role as sat, which still pleases him as much as season 5 began on January 4. “The day when I have the impression that the series is not renewed and that I will take less pleasure, I will stop. For now, this is not the case“, she reassured.


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