Tokyo Olympics: Lavillenie explains why he hopes to be a flag bearer

Guest of the Super Moscato Show this Wednesday on RMC, Renaud Lavillenie does not hide his desire to be the French flag bearer during the Tokyo Olympics this summer. This role is very important for him because it allows to launch a certain “dynamic” in the competition.

In the running to become the flag bearer of France at the Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 23 – August 8, 2021), Renaud Lavillenie is very keen to represent the tricolor colors this summer.


Guest of the Super Moscato Show this Wednesday on RMC, the pole vault specialist returned to this opportunity which “only occurs once” and which he would like to seize: “We know that it is a choice that is quite decisive and quite important because it is an opportunity that only presents itself once and that there are dozens and dozens of Olympic champions in France and there is only one who could be with the flag. “

For the men, Renaud Lavillenie will face him Maxime Beaumont (canoe), Samir Aït Saïd (gymnastics) Florent Manaudou (swimming) and Astier Nicolas (horse riding). The result will only be known in a few weeks, the list of candidates being put to the public vote for a month, from June 1 to 30.


“You must not hide from having the ambition and the will to represent your country”

During the program of the Super Moscato Show, Renaud Lavillenie did not hide his desire to carry the French flag in Tokyo: “It is true that we must not hide from having the ambition and the will to to represent your country and to be the standard bearer. But to say vote for me, I am better than the others… if we are all nominated, it is because we are all just as good. values ​​that we will be able to represent and what we will be able to focus on. Others will be more attached to the prize list, others more to the history they may have with the Olympic Games. “

The French athlete also returned to the importance of this role which seems to be close to his heart: “I think that the priority is to demonstrate to the people, to the athletes who are going to vote, that we are ready and that we have the shoulders for because we know that it is a role that should not be taken lightly and that it is not just for the style. It is all the same to launch a dynamic, to show the way to all the French who are going to be in Japan. “


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