Tokyo Olympics: after beating cancer, Piekarsaka-Twardochel, Polish swordsman, aims for gold

This is one of the beautiful stories of the Tokyo Olympics (July 23 – August 8), Magdalena Piekarska-Twardochel will participate in the team fencing event a few months after winning her fight against the disease.

Three years ago, the career of the Polish Magdalena Piekarska-Twardochel changed. She learns that she has Hodgkin Lymphoma. In an interview with AFP, she tells how her career and her life have literally changed. “It was difficult, I started to say goodbye to the world. I canceled my trips, my tournaments, the work I had planned in my apartment,” she says.


Almost six months of chemotherapy, Magdalena explains that she never gave up because she learned that it was “an illness that you could beat, considering that I was diagnosed at an early stage. “

Fencing and the Olympic Games as a leitmotif

“Fencing and the idea of ​​coming back motivated me for 90% of my salary. I was counting the days until I could get back on the track. I knew that these Olympics were somehow real for me. me, “she says.


Just days after her last chemotherapy, Magdalena Piekarska-Twardochel resumed training and managed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Although she will only be a substitute in the team épée event, her trainer, Mariusz Kosman is extremely proud of her fencer: “I’m not surprised that she is leaving for the Olympics. would heal, she would. “

The course of this sportswoman can serve as an example, with courage, determination, we can overthrow mountains.


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