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To complain about someone on WhatsApp, you will now have to provide proof of chat

The instant messaging app WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is now testing a feature that is of great use. No proof is required to make a complaint to anyone on WhatsApp at the moment.
Now after the new update, you will have to provide chat as evidence to complain about a contact. The testing of this new feature of WhatsApp is happening on the beta version of Android.
If someone is harassing WhatsApp business and general users by sending a message or making a redundant comment, then now a screenshot of a recent chat has to be shared with WhatsApp to complain about it.
Overall, the matter is that earlier person used to complain without any proof due to mutual enmity but now evidence has to be given.
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Wabetainfo has given information about the new feature of WhatsApp. With the complaint of contact, we will examine the screenshot given as evidence and then take action. The new feature elaborates on your report considering several factors.
After the new update, WhatsApp will also check how many people have complained about a particular number. If the company receives many complaints about a particular number, then it will take action against that contact and even include that number in the blacklist.
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