Tiffany stops the Moms & Famous adventure: her sad announcement

For several months, TFX viewers have been able to follow the adventures of Tiffany, Justin and their daughters Romy (2 years and a half) and Zélie (1 year) in Moms & Famous. Like Hillary, Jesta or Wafa, the former candidate of Married at first sight (season 1, in 2016) revealed his daily life. Unfortunately, she made the decision not to not continue this experiment.

The new season of Moms & Famous will begin January 17, 2021. And unfortunately, the filming of the new episodes was done without Tiffany. On social networks, Internet users could see that it has recently started. Julia Paredes, Wafa or Hillary have announced on their accounts that they had resumed. But no news from Justin’s wife. His subscribers therefore sent him messages to have the end of the story. And it was on January 14 that they had the answer to their question.

Because the question comes up very often. No, I won’t continue the adventure Moms & Famous. It was a great adventure, I was delighted to share it with you. But for many reasons, I preferred to stop

she wrote. Tiffany also clarified that they will continue to appear on the show for a while. What to console their fans a little.

Tiffany is not the only one who wanted to stop this experience. Cindy Poumeyrol made the same decision and explained why on January 8th: “I made the decision to take a break because 2020 has been too intense for me. I took care of Alba full time until September, the shooting days, my Instagram collaborations, the launch of Maison Nicole [sa marque de vêtements, NDLR]… I could no longer manage everything, so a little break to recharge the batteries.“The public will also not find Martika, who has moved to Dubai.

But who says departures, says new arrivals. Aurélie Van Daelen, Camille Froment, Benjamin Machet, Olivia Kugel and Maeva Martinez have joined the cast.


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