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This would be the premium urban DS that will arrive in 2022

DS, despite being a fairly young brand, has already made quite a few “bumps”. After its beginnings with conventional premium models of the B, C, and D segments, the poor sales led to a rethinking of the situation, opting for the sweet and lucrative world of SUVs, something that has been shown as a success with the DS3 Crossback and DS7 Crossback . However, it seems that the firm does not want to forget its origins and is working as secretly as possible on a premium urban DS that will arrive sooner rather than later.

The company considers that it is a very interesting segment and that it can bring significant income, so it is necessary to “squeeze” it with a second model beyond its B SUV, no matter how well it is performing well. A conventional car would be an answer to other proposals in the sector, such as the Audi A1.

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Its development would not imply a large investment either, since it will use the same platform as its brother and as its PSA cousins, such as the Peugeot 2008 and 208. In addition, this would also facilitate the formation of its mechanical range which, as it cannot be otherwise. Way, it should include a 100% electric E-Tense version.

Regarding design, in our render, we anticipated how it could be, basically a less muscular version of the DS3 Crossback, with a lower height but keeping most of the identifying elements intact, such as the chrome grille or the shape of the headlights.

The arrival date of the premium urban DS to the market is still not clear, since it is still in the study phase and pending to receive the final ‘ok’, so it will probably not make an appearance until 2022 or, at the latest, 2023.

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