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‘This movement is sponsored by political parties and institutions of Punjab’

He openly lashed out at Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Kisan Andolan and said that this movement belongs to the farmers of Punjab. The farmers of Haryana did not participate in this. He alleged that some unwanted elements have entered into this movement, whose audio and video we have, some institutions and political parties of Punjab are purifying the movement. Some people are cooking political loaves in the name of farmers. Everything will come out after this movement. He said that we have some audio in which the people involved in the movement are saying that when they can do this for Indira, then why can’t they do that of Modi.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Gurgaon freedom fighter recently arrived to preside over the monthly meeting of the Troubleshooting Committee. During this time, several MLAs were present including BJP MP from Gurgaon Rao Inderjit Singh. Talking to media persons after the meeting said that political parties of Punjab have played an important role in the farmers’ movement and many institutions of Punjab have also been ahead in instigating this movement.

Khattar said – we also have audio clues
Responding to the question of farmer agitation asked to Chief Minister Manohar Lal, he said that he has got some audio clues in which some such things have come to light, which are being investigated. At the same time, in response to contact with Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, he said that three times he tried to contact himself and many times there was an attempt to contact him through the office too, but he did not talk. He said that this has happened for the first time in the last 6 years, otherwise whenever he used to call earlier, he used to talk even when he was busy.

‘Politics unfortunate in the name of farmers’
He said that the work being done to bake political loaves in the name of the farmer is unfortunate and also condemnable. Chief Minister Manohar Lal made it clear that the farmers of Haryana were not involved in this movement, so he thanked the farmers of Haryana. The Chief Minister said that some people of Punjab Chief Minister’s Office are organizing this movement. There is also evidence that he had hanged the I-card. He also thanked the Haryana Police and said that the police acted with great restraint. The Chief Minister said that this matter can be resolved by negotiation, for this, the Union Ministers have openly invited the farmers leaders to tell how many people can join the conversation, they can also change it as far as the date is concerned. Huh.


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