This handyman designed a water cooling system to make his 15 ” MacBook Pro silent

An Intel MacBook Pro user was fed up with hearing fan noise during his conference calls. He therefore decided to install a water cooling system to cool his machine.
For this, he bought inexpensive components such as cooling plates, a pump and a reservoir that also acted as a radiator. The assembled items are shown in the photo below.

The handyman still had to open his 15-inch MacBook Pro to install thermal plates in places where the heating is important. He has also observed that the use of small plates is more effective than the use of large plates which cover the entire surface. He also removed the computer feet so that the bottom of the case was in direct contact with the cooling tray.

In the end, the fan of the 15-inch MacBook Pro hardly spins and the performance of this machine, equipped with an Intel Core i7-4870HQ processor at 2.5 GHz, is better. In the Geekbench test, he obtained a score of 2726 in the multi-core test. To get a better score (3022), you have to put the computer in the snow.

Also to discover in video:

Apple could change the situation, however, by offering 16-inch MacBook Pro computers with an iteration of its new M1 processor in the near future, which is much more efficient than Intel chips.

Source : MacRumors


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