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This act of Krishna Abhishek made Mama angry and angry, Govinda broke the silence now

It has been two years since there was a rift between Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek but they have not been reconciled till now. The talk started with a tweet by Krishna’s wife Kashmira. In it, he wrote that some people dance for money. Govinda’s wife felt bad at this. Krishna did not perform well on Kapil Sharma’s show because he reached Govinda. Now Govinda has broken the silence on this controversy.

Govinda got angry at Krishna’s statement
During an interview, Govinda said – It is very sad to speak in public on this matter, but now enough, the truth should be revealed. I read the report that my nephew did not perform on that TV show because I was a guest there. He also spoke on our relationship. There were many spoilers and useless names in his statement. Govinda also said that Krishna has been very close to his family since childhood. Don’t know what they are getting by speaking all this in public.

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Krishna Abhishek became emotional on relationship with Govinda uncle, said – the distance is as much as love is


Govinda told that Kashmiri had refused to meet
Krishna had said that Govinda did not come to the hospital when his twins were born. To this, Govinda told ETimes, I went to the hospital with my family to see the children. I also met with doctors and nurses. The nurse told me that Kashmirira did not want any family member to meet her. When we insisted, we were allowed to see the children from a distance and we returned home with a heavy heart.

Govinda told that now he wants to stay away
Govinda also told that Krishna has also come to his house with children and sister Aarti. Govinda said that Krishna seems to have forgotten it. He said that statements defaming him are being given in the media on behalf of Krishna and Kashmirira. Finally Govinda said, I want to announce that from now on I want to keep a decent distance from them. For that he dislikes them. There are misunderstandings in every family, but discouraging all these in the media only spoils the image. I am probably the most misunderstood person but let it be. My late mother used to say, do righteousness and put it in the river. I just want to do the same.



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