Things to do on Thursday: To keep Lord Vishnu happy, avoid these tasks on Thursday and do these tasks, there will be trouble in the house

Lord Vishnu (Srihari) is a god of Tridev. In all the religious texts including Vishnu Purana, Srihari is described as a follower of the world and Srilakshmi is his wife. Thursday (Thursday) is considered to be a day dedicated to Shrihari, Lord Vishnu, so special prayers are offered to him on Thursday. Many Vishnu devotees also visit the Vishnu temple and offer prayers. Keeping Lord Vishnu happy brings happiness, peace and prosperity at home, eliminates poverty and posthumous salvation. According to the belief, to keep Lord Vishnu happy, on Thursday, you should avoid certain tasks, then some work must be done. Let us know what to do and what not to do.

Lord Vishnu will be pleased by doing such work


* Worshiping Lord Vishnu while keeping a fast on Thursday relieves all the troubles.

* Wearing yellow clothes on this day can prevent disease and disease etc.


* Banana Prasad must be offered to Lord Vishnu on this day.

* Bath should be done before sunrise on Thursday.


* Yellow flowers and yellow flowers should be offered to Lord Vishnu on Thursday.

* If possible, listen to the story of Lord Satyanarayana once a month on Thursday


* On this day, donations should be given to Brahmins and the poor.

* After bathing in Ganga or any holy river or lake on this day, make a donation to the Brahmin or the poor. By doing this one attains immense virtue. Also read: Ekadashi Vrat In Year 2021: When are Ekadashi fasting in the year 2021, know the complete list of the most loved dates of Lord Vishnu


After bathing and meditating on Thursday, the following mantras should be chanted.

Chansnibham of Devananda Rishinam Guru.

Wisdom ghost trilokesham namami brihaspitam.


Oom Grand Green Gruns: Gurve Nam:.

He is part of Goddess Vyamhe Divyadehaya Dhemhi Tanno Jeeva: Prachodayat.


Avoid doing these tasks on Thursday.

Hair, beard, hair and nails should not be cut on this day. By doing this, there is loss of money.


* Avoid spending money by borrowing or making unnecessary purchases. This stops the flow of money.

* Bathing with soap on this day gives your Guru planet inauspicious results, so avoid doing so.


* One should not wash clothes on this day by applying soap, doing so adversely affects the health of the children.

* On Thursday, no beggar, poor and houseworkers should be fed or given a dog food. It does not hurt.


* You should avoid sleeping till late on this day, by doing this Goddess of fortune Lakshmi gets angry.

* Do not persecute any old or weak person, by doing this auspicious results can turn into inauspicious.


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