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These best features are available on Whatsapp, try ‘Top-5 tricks’ now

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On the world’s most popular messaging platform WhatsApp, users get a lot of features. Many features are very useful, but not many users know about them. Apart from this, some WhatsApp tricks can make you the master of chatting app. If you want to use the hidden features in the Settings section, then easy steps have to be followed. We think you should try these best features once.

Read the messages without knowing the blue tick
If someone is turning off the read receipts option on WhatsApp, then they do not see blue tick on the messages sent to them. In such a situation it is difficult to find out whether your message is seen or not. A trick can help you with this. Send any audio message to him. The same way the audio will be played even when the blue tick is disabled, you will know because turning off the blue tick does not work on audio messages.

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Find the most important messages like this on WhatsApp

Many times the necessary messages in WhatsApp groups or chats are lost and it is not easy to find them. If you get used to using WhatsApp’s easy feature then this mess can be avoided. You have to long tap on the required message and then tap on the star icon that appears. After this, your message will be marked as star. You can view the starred messages whenever you want by tapping on the three dots shown in the top right of the app.

Check here the media files on the app
Recently, the advanced search option has been given to users on WhatsApp. With this help, photos, videos, audios or gifs can be easily filtered. By opening the app, you have to tap on the search bar and this is where many options will be shown. After this, you will be able to see such media files by tapping on any filter. Many options like photos, videos, documents and gifs are available here.

Delete files larger than 5MB
If the storage space in your phone is running out and you want to manage it by deleting media files, then you can see big files from the option found in the app. For this, after going to the Storage and Data section of Settings, you have to tap on Manage Space. Here the option of Larger than 5MB will be seen, on which you will see large media files as soon as you tap.

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Read messages on WhatsApp Web without opening chat
If you use WhatsApp web on laptop or PC, the message can be read without opening chat. For this, when you get a message, you have to move the mouse cursor over the chat and do not click on it. You will see the latest message as soon as you place your cursor on the chat. In such a situation, you will also see the message and there will be no compulsion to reply to the user.


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