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These are the new features of YouTube Music in its update

Youtube Music is becoming a much more independent music platform from Youtube, as demonstrated by the new updates it recently made.

Before, Youtube Music was a YouTube extension where the user could find the songs of their favorite artists to listen to them without having to see the video. However, that is changing more and more due to the unique functions of the application.

News on Youtube Music

In order to further compete with Spotify, Youtube Music added exclusive features that will make browsing easier for the user.

That news is


Year Review

As in Spotify, now YouTube Music users will have access to a playlist of the most listened to songs throughout the year.

Share on Instagram

The sound file playback platform enabled the option to share the songs they are listening to, in Instagram stories.

You criticize Youtube Music

Although the changes announced by the application help the dynamics with users, the service is still very far from what Spotify offers on its platform.

Part of the criticism from users is that Youtube Music does not provide infographics or data about the songs.

On the other hand, others indicate that the lists of songs offered on YouTube Music is limited compared to the “king” of music streaming, Spotify.


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