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There was a ruckus on Rahul Vaidya’s eviction, the fans said – if not Rahul then not even Bigg Boss 14

On December 5, Rahul Vaidya has been made homeless on the occasion of the finale, whose makers have also released promos. Due to Rahul being made homeless like this, fans have got angry and he is trending # NORAHULNOBB14 on social media.

In the promo of the upcoming episode, Salman asks Rahul Vaidya, ‘Do you think that Rahul is willing to go forward as an innovative finalist?’ Rahul says, “I don’t find his personality very effective.” He says that it is not necessary to express your personality or give opinion on every situation. I don’t see those finalists according to those things. ‘

Salman then asks Rahul what efforts he has made on his behalf not to become an innovative finalist. Rahul then makes his point. Salman seems disappointed with Rahul’s game and says to him, “Rahul, if we give you the option to come out of the house voluntarily, will you accept the offer?” On hearing this Rahul says that yes he would like to go home. He is very strong mentally but not without a family.

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Salman further states that he is being made homeless due to lack of passion and interest. Rahul tries to give clarification on this, but Salman says that there is no need for you to leave the house. After this, the gates of Bigg Boss house open.

Fans like Rahul Vaidya are not going to leave and they are demanding on social media that Rahul be brought back in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. If not Rahul, then not even Bigg Boss 14.


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