The young heroine sheds tears on the stage .. Chandini is conscious while remembering the director

Actress Chandni Chowdhary has impressed with her performance in several films after the camera came forward with the film ‘Life is Beautiful’. Impressed with her performance in last year’s ‘Color Photo’, Chandini is now taking on a series of opportunities to become a full-time heroine. Her latest movie in this series is ‘Super Over’. The makers organized an event to prepare for the release of the film. On the stage, the heroine Chandini was in tears and became very sensitive.

The movie director Praveen died while the super over movie was being screened. Praveen had an accident during the climax of the shooting of the movie and died a few days later in the hospital. As part of the film shooting .. O scene explains that he was involved in an accident that made everyone very sad. The entire unit is working together to release this movie to make his dream come true even without the director.

However, in the latest event, heroine Chandni Chowdhury became emotional while remembering the same thing. She shed tears on stage as she could not bear the lack of director Praveen. The movie hero Naveen Chandra consoled Chandni Chowdhury by shedding tears. After that Naveen Chandra also expressed his grief over his experiences with the director. Naveen Chandra said that Hatsoff to Sudhir’s attempt to bring this film to the forefront after Praveen’s death.
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Praveen, who worked as an assistant to renowned director Sudhir Varma, directed this super over film. The film stars Naveen Chandra and Chandni Chowdhury as the heroines. The film is being released on OTT platform Aaha.



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