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The way for the running of trains in Punjab is clear, the farmers who are protesting on the track gave 15 days of deferment


  • Farmers’ organization considered for emptying railway tracks in Punjab
  • After talks with Punjab government, farmers announced to clear the track from Monday
  • Announcement to allow trains to operate in the state for 15 days
  • Farmers said- in these 15 days, farmers organizations will talk to the center

The interaction between the government and farmers on the operation of trains in Punjab has resulted in positive results. Permission has been given by the farmers to operate trains in Punjab for the next 15 days. The government has said that the farmers have announced to give way to operate trains in the state from Monday.

Farmers are currently protesting against agricultural bills on railway tracks, due to which the entire railway route block of Punjab is there. Due to this, passenger trains and freight trains are not operating in the state and in other states connected via here. After the mediation of the Punjab government, farmer organizations have said that now the track will be emptied for the operation of trains in the state.

Route of trains will be empty from Monday
According to a state government statement, the railway track will be evacuated for the operation of trains from Monday. After the track is empty, the operation of trains will be restored through Punjab. Railway officials have breathed a sigh of relief. However, Deepak Kumar, the chief public relations officer of Northern Railway, says that only after getting the official information about the operation of trains from the Punjab government, it will be decided to resume the operation of trains.

Route is blocked for two months

Let us know that the farmers who are protesting against the agricultural bills in Punjab are protesting on the railway track itself. Due to this, the railway route in the state is completely blocked for about two months. The Punjab government recently wrote a letter to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, saying that if the government does not take any decision on the operation of trains, then the army personnel in Jammu and Kashmir will get essential goods and coal to the power plant in Punjab due to non-operation of goods trains. Will not be supplied. On the other hand, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal had said that the operation of trains in the state will be restored only when the government works to ensure the safety of all trains completely.


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