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The stock market will be determined by economic data

Investors’ trend was more or less positive last week, leading to a weekly increase in the domestic stock market. Investors will keep an eye on the results of the RBI meeting, vehicle sales data, daily cases of Corona virus Kovid-19 infection and Corona vaccine news before investing in the market next week.

Market analysts say that the trend of foreign institutional investors, crude oil prices, the rupee move and the economic data released on Friday will also affect the stock market. The stock market recorded a weekly gain last week and the BSE Sensex gained 267.47 points, or 0.61 percent, to 44,149.72 points, and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) Nifty jumped 109.90 points or 0.85 percent to 12,968.95 points. The medium and small companies benefited more than the giants during the period under review. Investors invested heavily in small and medium companies throughout the week, which led to the BSE midcap rising 478.15 points or 2.91 per cent to 16,914.65 points. The smallcap also gained 692.60 points, or 4.28 percent, to 16,875.15 points.

These news will be watched
A three-day meeting of the RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee is scheduled to take place next week, the results of which will come out on December 4. OPEC meeting of the oil exporting countries is scheduled to be held from November 30 to December 1, which will have an impact on the stock market. Sales of auto companies will come on December 1. Trading on the stock market will be closed on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti on Monday, so normal trading will start in the market from Tuesday.

Sensex reduced capital of five companies by Rs 91,699 crore

The market capitalization (market cap) of five of the top 10 Sensex companies fell by Rs 91,699 crore collectively last week. Reliance Industries was the biggest loser.

Apart from Reliance Industries, the market capitalization of Infosys, HDFC, ICICI Bank and Bharti Airtel also declined. On the other hand, market valuations of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), HDFC Bank, Hindustan Unilever, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Bajaj Finance increased. The market capitalization of Reliance Industries declined by Rs 60,829.21 crore to Rs 12,23,416.97 crore in the week under review. HDFC’s market valuation declined by Rs 13,703.75 crore to Rs 4,05,996.11 crore and that of Bharti Airtel by Rs 11,020.23 crore to Rs 2,52,755.97 crore. Similarly, ICICI Bank’s market position declined by Rs 5,090.54 crore to Rs 3,26,225.04 crore. Infosys’ market capitalization declined by Rs 1,055.27 crore to Rs 4,68,779.17 crore.

In contrast to this trend, HDFC Bank’s market capitalization rose by Rs 20,482.86 crore to Rs 7,93,336.55 crore and Bajaj Finance’s valuation rose by Rs 11,181.01 crore to Rs 2,95,466.65 crore. TCS ‘market share rose by Rs 7,335.91 crore to Rs 10,05,320.15 crore. Hindustan Unilever’s market capitalization rose by Rs 4,135.22 crore to Rs 5,02,147.16 crore. Kotak Mahindra Bank’s market valuation rose by Rs 2,538.64 crore to Rs 3,76,485.84 crore. The 30-share BSE Sensex gained 267.47 points or 0.60 percent in the previous week. Reliance Industries retained the first position in the top 10 list. It was followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, Hindustan Unilever, Infosys, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, Bajaj Finance and Bharti Airtel respectively.

Foreign investors poured a record Rs 60,358 crore into Indian stock markets in November


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