The sounds of NASA: the space agency has published a ‘playlist’ of how various events in the universe are heard

The entire universe, as on our planet, has a wide range of sounds that occur within other celestial bodies. Some have been captured by NASA and others have been recreated through the captured images. So, according to the Xataka portal, these are the sounds that the US space agency has recently published.

Among the sounds that the aforementioned portal stands out, is the translation of what the northern lights of Jupiter would sound like. Thanks to the Juno space probe, which recently imaged lightning spectra, it also recorded photographs of the visual spectacle that occurs at the poles. So NASA decided to make a translation of how they would sound.

The action of giving sound to this phenomenon is carried out through the measurement of radio waves. In addition to measuring the plasma in the magnetosphere. The same experiment was performed with a massive black hole. For this important event, they used data from the Chandra Telescope.


The sounds of NASA on Mars and the constellations

The wind registers a sound on our planet. So why shouldn’t it be done on another celestial body? So what would the sounds of the winds of Mars be like? NASA scientists wondered. They recreated them through the waves that they measured with the different rovers and did the same with some movements of the tectonic plates of the red planet.

Hubble did the same by showing on his social networks what a cosmic reef sounds like. “There is no sound in space”, they say, but they perform the sonification representing the presence of hydrogen and nitrogen.



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