The Snap # 27: a humanoid robot as intriguing as it is frightening

The British company Engineered Arts has created Cleo, a robot capable of moving and reproducing the same gestures as a human. A robot that sings and also has an excellent memory! Cleo looks a lot like a human in appearance which can either impress or terrify you! You choose ! One thing is certain, Cleo will immerse you in the heart of the Strange Valley.

Are you interested in a robot capable of selling and serving glasses? The Rotender can hold up to 16 bottles of one liter each, as well as 5 different soft drinks. It makes its own ice cubes and can serve a drink in 15 seconds!

Earrings: simple fashion accessory or the essential of your day? And why not both ?! The startup Nova Products has embarked on the transformation of earrings into true wireless headphones. The concept is original, and the little jewels are as discreet as they are pretty.

The Perseverance rover and its companion Ingenuity have arrived safely on the planet Mars. But since the broadcast of their landing by NASA, some enthusiasts have racked their brains.
During a press conference, the space agency revealed that it slipped a secret message. It is a French student who managed to decode it, which gives: “Dare Mighty Things” (Dare to grandiose things)

Huawei has formalized the release of its third folding screen smartphone: the Mate X2. In China, it will be sold at the starting price of 2300 euros. The Huawei Mate X2 has a giant 8.01-inch OLED screen, and a fingerprint sensor on the right side. But, it is above all a high-end camera thanks to its quadruple photo module!

The WalkingCat, a serial leaker and always very knowledgeable, has published two videos that show Samsung’s augmented reality glasses. One presents the “Samsung Glasses Lite” which would allow watching a movie. The other highlights the “Samsung AR Glasses” which would rather be intended for more professional use. They remain fictitious for the moment.


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