The US President ‘s plane is now on the sidelines… The secrets of Prime Minister Modi’s Flying Palace

In this news, you can see the amazing information about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Flying Palace. The Boeing 777 (B777), to be flown by President Ramnath Govind, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, and Prime Minister Modi, arrived in Delhi from the United States today (October 1), officials said. The aircraft will be called ‘Air India One’.

A Boeing 777 arrived at Delhi Airport from the US state of Texas at around 3 pm today. Boeing has now made a one-way delivery of the aircraft to Air India after two delays.

The Boeing 777 was originally expected to be delivered to Air India in July. But due to the coronavirus problem, it did not happen. It was then expected to be delivered last August. But due to technical reasons, it has not been delivered yet.

A one way Boeing 777 has been delivered today. A total of two Boeing 777 aircraft will be used for the use of VIPs, including the President, the Vice President, and the Prime Minister. Of these, only one has now come to India. Boeing will deliver another flight on another day, according to reports.

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Both Boeing 777s will have SPS (Self Protection Suites). Both aircraft will also be equipped with LAIRCM (Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures) missile defense systems.

When VVIPs travel, these two Boeing 777s will not be operated by Air India pilots. Instead, it will be operated by pilots from the Indian Air Force. At present, the President, the Vice President, and the Prime Minister are traveling on an Air India Boeing 747 (B747).

These Boeing 747s are operated by Air India pilots. They are maintained by Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL). Due to the arrival of two Boeing 777 aircraft, Boeing 747 aircraft are excluded from the service of VIPs.

It has been reported that Air India will use the Boeing 747 aircraft for commercial operations instead. At the same time, Boeing 777 aircraft will be used only for trips of VVIPs. The Boeing 777 arrived in Delhi after a 15-hour journey from Texas, officials said.

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Called the Air India One, the Boeing 777 is said to be, in safety terms, the equivalent of the US President’s Air Force One aircraft. It is also said that the aircraft can fly between the United States and India without stopping to refuel.

On Boeing 777 aircraft, generous accommodation is provided for important personalities in India for office use. The aircraft also has meeting rooms and state-of-the-art telecommunications systems. It is also said that there is a separate unit on board to deal with medical emergencies.


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