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The PS5 will launch with two major limitations

There is barely a week left for the launch of PlayStation 5 (two weeks in Europe), and Sony is confirming some details that have made fans feel bad.
The console presentations are events where companies are limited to show the strengths and news of the machine. But as in contracts, there is also the fine print, and sometimes it hides unpleasant surprises.
Sony today confirmed two major PS5 limitations on the console launch. One will be fixed in a future update, the other possibly not.
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The Japanese company has confirmed that it will not be possible to install an SSD disk to expand the storage in the current version of the console, and it will also not be natively compatible with 2K or 1440p resolution.
In the case of the SSD, it cannot be said to be a surprise. Sony already warned in March that possibly the expansion would not be at launch, but it is now when it confirms it. The reason is that the SSDs that are installed in PS5 must meet a series of speed and size requirements of the heatsinks. And although there is already an SSD that meets the requirements, Sony is going to approve the different models one by one.
Therefore, at the moment it is not possible to expand the storage of PS5, which on the other hand is quite limited. It is already known that the free space available to install games is only 664 GB. Considering that titles like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War or Spider-Man: Miles Morales exceed 100 GB, that disk will be full very soon …
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The other limitation is more surprising. Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will not support 1440p resolution natively. It is true that it is not used in televisions, but it is very common in monitors.
Many people connect the consoles to a monitor and if it is 1440p, although the PS5 will work without problems, you will not get a native resolution. Most likely it’s 1080p or 4K rescaled to 1440p. In the first case, you will lose a bit of monitor definition.
PlayStation 5 goes on sale on November 19 in Spain, at a price of 499 euros for the version with a disc reader, and 399 euros for the digital variant.

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