The PAL-V Liberty Flying Car has won the Road Legal Certificate in Europe

The PAL-V Liberty, the world’s first commercial flying car, has been approved for road use in Europe. The company says it’s taking a step closer to aviation certification car deliveries with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

With the completion of European road admission tests, Liberty is now allowed on the streets of Europe with an official license plate.

Under the tests, the Flying Car underwent a rigorous and extensive drive test program from February 2020, which included tests on the test tracks, including high-speed ovals, brakes, and emission tests up to noise pollution tests.


PAL-V CTO Mike Steckelberg said they have been working with road authorities for years to reach this milestone. The excitement they feel on the team is huge.

Passing a folded plane in all road admission tests was very challenging. For him, the strategy to successfully build a flying car is to make sure that the vehicle’s design complies with air and road rules.

He added that he feels a lot of energy and motivation in their team to go hard for the last few milestones and get the Liberty Flying Certificate. PAL-V originally announced the price for the Liberty in 2017, as well as showcasing the car at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.


At that time the manufacturers had planned to start deliveries to customers all over the world and to India by the end of 2018 but it was too late.

PAL-V Liberty Design has been working with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) on aviation certification since 2015 and will be finalized by 2022, the Dutch company said.

PAL-V Liberty benefits can be derived from the certification experience previously accumulated in the flight test program using PAL-V One. More than 1,200 test reports must be completed before the last 150 hours of flight inspection. After this, the deliveries to the users will start.


The company claims that its reservation book is growing beyond expectations. Since 80 percent of future PAL-V carflies are new to aviation, some of them have begun training for a gyroplane flying license at the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy.


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