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The old photo of Aijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik went viral, Kamya Punjabi asked – so what happened …

The rage in Bigg Boss house also has an impact on the outside world. In ‘Bigg Boss 14’, where Kavita Kaushik and Aijaz Khan are growing bitter, Kamya Punjabi has supported Kavita Kaushik outside the show. Kavita said in the show on Wednesday that Aijaz Khan is not her friend and if she is making any such claim she is a liar. Kavita also said that she never met Aijaz. But X ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Manu Punjabi has given a new twist to the discussion by posting an old photo of Kavita and Aijaz.

Aijaz Khan has become the new captain of ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Only then have the two fought. While Aijaz had described the poem as his friend after the wild card entry. In return, Kavita also moved Aijaz from the red zone to the green zone. Kavya’s claims have been questioned by Manu Punjabi. Manu has shared an old photo, in which Kavita and Aijaz are seen together. Manu writes, ‘Someone sent me this photo. Further Kavita Kaushik and Aijaz Khan will know more.

On the other hand, Kamya Punjabi, who has come out in support of Kavita Kaushik, has targeted Aijaz Khan. Kamya Punjabi wrote that this is what happens in a 45-minute episode. We were shown that Kavita Kaushik is screaming at Aijaz Khan. But why he did it, it was not shown in Bigg Boss. It was only through the voice of Bigg Boss that Aijaz was repeatedly explaining the poem as Rule. there must be something.

The funny thing is that the photo of Aijaz and Kavita has come out. Kamya has also responded to that. Aijaz’s Twitter handle also shared that photo by his team. On this, Kamya wrote, ‘I have a picture of you and me together, are we friends? We all know each other, but friends are not all. There is no confirmation from this picture. ‘

Kamya did not stop here. He further wrote, ‘Hey Kavita Kaushik is such a good friend, so why send him to the Red Zone? Who sent you to the Danger Zone? Come on, Kavita Kaushik does not consider you as a friend, but do you believe it or not? And in parties we all click pictures. ‘

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