The MG 5 already prepares its new look for 2021

It was only in February when MG began to sell the entry-level sedan MG 5 in our country, with a good price-equipment ratio, this sedan is a safe bet for the brand, although we knew from before that the design had been in charge of Roewe, the exclusive signature for China of the giant Baic.

Well, that look already begins its countdown to a total renovation, and the first images of the MG 5 update were already seen (not to be confused with the MG 5 presented in the United Kingdom, which is a Station Wagon version of the model that we know today in Chile).

With a much more modern and fresh look, this MG 5 stands out for sharpening the lines of the headlights and finishing with a wide front grille, which gives it a rougher and sportier look, while in the rear the design recalls in some keys to the MG 6, with double exhaust, a wide bumper, and a small rear window.


Although only the version made in China and the Thai (with right-hand drive) has been released, it is already speculated that this renewal of the MG 5 could equip any of Baic’s 1.5-liter engine options, either the aspirated of 119 Hp or the turbo with 172 Hp.

Transmission options would include a five-speed manual, a four-speed automatic, or a six-speed automatic for turbo options, with power directed to the front wheels.

The cabin also shows an intense renovation, more in the style of the MG 6, with high-quality materials, a large screen for infotainment, and great connectivity. On security, there are not many details yet.

Will it arrive soon in these latitudes? We will have to wait for Baic’s decisions to be able to know more about it.


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