The KTM 250 Adventure will be released at the end of the same month

KTM India plans to soon launch its brand new 250 bikes model in the domestic market and the new adventure bike is expected to be launched by the end of this month.

KTM, which has already completed a multi-stage road-testing process for the launch of the new 250 Adventure Bike, has announced the launch of the new bike model, with a variation of the current 390 Adventure Bike model in the domestic market.

KTM, which is increasing its bike sales in India, has launched four new bikes in the last two years and is gearing up for further upcoming bikes.

The new 250 Adventure Model, which will be sold below the 390 Adventure model, borrowed the key elements of the 390 Adventure Bike, such as the design, chassis, and frames.

The Body Panel, Belly Pan, Fuel Tank Expansion, Radiator Shroud, and Tail Section are all parallel, except for some technical changes in the 250 Adventure and 390 Adventure Bike. The 250 Adventure Bike has a different body graphics and halogen headlamp unit than the 390 Adventure Bike, while the Premium Model 390 Adventure Bike has a full LED unit.


According to reports, the KTM 250 Adventure Bike will feature alloy wheel and tire models on the 390 bikes, with 19-inch wheels on the front and 17-inch wheels on the rear.

Many premium features on the 390 Adventure Bike are not offered on the 250 Adventure Bike, and the 250 Adventure Bike is fitted with a 249cc single-cylinder Liquid Cool BS6 engine.

The new engine will produce 30-bhp and 24-Nm of torque with a 6-speed gearbox, with many of the technical features required for off-road skills. The price of the new bike will be slightly higher than the regular Duke 250, according to the Delhi Exterior. 2.20 lakh to Rs. It is said to be priced up to Rs 2.40 lakh.


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