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The hero who said that he was dead while alive .. that is the reason

Even if the beauty actor is not physically present, he will forever remain in the hearts of the Telugu people as the Andhra Soggadu.

He voluntarily gave up filming with the feeling that the audience who saw him beautifully could not see him as old. While studying in college, Shobhanbabu was obsessed with NTR and ANN movies.

I want to go to college and watch a lot of movies. ‘Keelugurram’ starring Akkineni Nageswararao was the first film he saw. Mallishwari has been seen 22 times in one go.

After completing his degree he joined a law course in Madras and was looking for film opportunities in his spare time.

He first acted with NTR in 1959 in the film ‘Divine Strength’. After that Bhakta Sabari, Bhishma, Abhimanyu, Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna, Manushulu Marali, Sampurna Ramayana, Kurukshetra, Dr. Babu, Soggadu, Gorintaku, Shravan Sandhya, Devata, Karthikadeepam, Mundadugu, Mahasangramam Swayamvaram, Sampurna Premayanam, Samsaragam, Sarpaya Acting, he remained in the hearts of the Telugu audience. Kodandramireddy and Shobhanbabu formed a good friendship with films like Kode Trachu and Illalu Priyuralu.

When Osari Kodandramireddy went to Madras he met Shobhanbabu. What movies are you not making .. your fans are failing .. Kodandramireddy asked?

Responding to that .. ‘That beauty actor Shobhanbabu ever died. I don’t like to appear on screen with hair blown out and a wrinkled body. T

hat’s why I want to stay at home. Even when my fans came … Shobhanbabu told Kodandramireddy that he had said, ‘I will not act in any more movies, come for me from a long distance’. Also Read:

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