The government launches the reminderConso site to identify dangerous or defective products

Not a day goes by without a company organizing the recall of products that present a problem ranging from simple defect to danger. It becomes difficult to keep up to date, because each actor has their own channel of communication. This is why several ministries (Ecological Transition, Economy and Finance, Agriculture, SMEs) have come together to launch a common website called RecallConso. This platform effectively informs consumers about dangerous product alerts.

No product will be forgotten, as companies are now required to report their recalls on this site. Users can easily search RecallConso and have a wealth of information such as photo, affected lots, distributor, geographic area, hazards involved and recall procedure. Only drugs and medical devices are not listed, because they are managed by the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products). Second-hand or reconditioned products are also not available on the site.

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The government is thus trying to correct the dysfunctions observed during the recall of batches of milk contaminated with salmonella in 2018, with in particular problems of access to information. The site reinforces other measures taken, such as those which require companies to notify the authorities in the event of a problem with a product and to maintain an up-to-date statement of the batches withdrawn or recalled.


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