The French film “How I became a superhero” releases theaters for Netflix

Pio Marmaï, Leïla Bekhti and Benoît Poelvoorde disguised as superheroes, such is the promise of the new film by Douglas Attal, which was due out on October 14 before being postponed to December 16, April 21 and May 12. Finally, the film will be available on July 9 on Netflix. To everyone’s surprise, the streaming service will deprive theaters of this French blockbuster which could have attracted thousands of people when theaters reopen. This phenomenon is more and more regular in the industry.

Streaming doubles cinema

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Gérald Bronner, How I became a superhero tells the story of a Parisian society where a mysterious substance gives the population superpowers. The film has been awaited since 2015 and has gathered an enticing cast, worthy of a local Avengers. However, this is not a parody of Marvel or DC blockbusters, How I became a superhero wishes to tackle societal issues while remaining realistic.

Produced by Warner Bros, How I became a superhero will never be released in theaters. Like a lot of Disney or Warner movies lately, this will be an sVoD exclusive, which in the process allows it to bypass the media timeline (it couldn’t have made it to Netflix for three years if it had been released in France). rooms). The pandemic is accelerating the decline of cinema which, faced with streaming platforms, is no longer the best solution. Other French films, like Madame Claude

, have experienced a similar fate. The soft eyes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV + are having an effect on French studios, especially since French laws are more and more restrictive for users.

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Another advantage of this acquisition by Netflix, it is likely that How I became a superhero be launched internationally on July 9. The success of the series Lupine with Omar Sy has proven that, on sVoD platforms, a French production can hit the mark all over the world. A sad reality for the cinema.


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