The French are against the Super League according to a poll

Ipsos conducted a survey on the popularity of the Super League in Europe, hours after its collapse. The study indicates that six out of ten French people have an unfavorable opinion on this elitist competition.

The rejection was already palpable. It is now quantifiable. The Ipsos company has carried out a survey on the popularity of the Super League in Europe. The study, launched a few hours after the collapse of the project, was carried out in five countries: Italy, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and France. For each of them, a representative panel of 1,000 people, aged 18 to 65, was interviewed. And the conclusion is quite clear. Especially in France.

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About six in ten French people say they are opposed to all the characteristics of this elitist and partly closed competition, in which the founding clubs participate each year. Note that nearly 64% of French respondents said they had heard of the Super League. A lower number than among our neighbors but which still allows to give weight to this observation of mistrust.

The least reluctant Spaniards

This poll also shows that the Spaniards are globally the least reluctant to set up a Super League. And in particular the idea that the founding clubs receive significant funding each season, regardless of their sports performance. A situation which is certainly explained by the big financial difficulties that the leaders of La Liga are currently encountering, such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The separatist project was also carried by Florentino Perez, the president of the merengue club, who assumed the presidency.

More generally, the French are those who are least interested in football in the countries which host the five major European championships. Only 54% of those polled said they followed football competitions and news. A much lower score than in Italy (75%), Spain (73%), the United Kingdom (71%) and Germany (65%).


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