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The Ether 450X will be launched in six major cities this month

Ether Energy, a Bangalore-based EV scooter manufacturer, is set to launch its new EV scooter model, the 450X, for the first time this month, with the first scooter launch in six major cities, including Bangalore and Chennai.
Ether released a 450X electric scooter before the lockdown of the Corona Virus Effect, which broke the lockdown’s extended impact scooter delivery.
Ether Energy, which later decided not to issue a new scooter until the market improved, is now ready for a new scooter delivery and has already begun a test ride with safety measures.
Ether, which currently only has sales facilities in Bangalore and Chennai, is officially launching its new scooter on November 7 in Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai.
And by the beginning of 2021, Ether Energy, which plans to open sales outlets in a total of 11 cities, is expanding its fast-charging stations to supplement scooter sales, with the 450X model being in the throes of demand.
The 450X has more features and high performance than the standard 450-degree electric scooter model, and is available for purchase in two major variants, the Plus and Pro, as customer demands.
According to PAN India, the ex-showroom is initially priced at Rs. Mileage and Performance The 450X electric scooter, with a 2.9kWh battery pack, produces a maximum of 6kW and 26Nm of torque, with a maximum mileage of 85km / h.
This returns an extra mileage of 10 km per charge over the standard model and the scooter top speed is also higher than a petrol scooter. The 450X, which can accelerate from zero to 40 km / h in just 3.3 seconds, will attract performance lovers.
The lack of publicly available fast-charging stations, coupled with a favorable environment to increase sales of electric vehicles in the current market, is set to accelerate sales of new electric vehicles.
To this end, various auto manufacturers have already started investing heavily in charging stations and Ether Energy is also planning to open 135 new charging stations in major cities by the end of this year.
Similarly, Ether has identified strategic locations in various cities over the next two years, confident of having a total of 6,500 fast-charging stations. Ethereum currently has 37 charging stations in Bangalore and 13 fast-charging stations in Chennai.

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