"The conversation lasted two minutes", Tuchel tells about his ouster from PSG

In an interview with Sky Germany, Thomas Tuchel returned to the circumstances of his departure from PSG at the end of December. The Chelsea coach says he felt negative signals quite late.

Thomas Tuchel’s unbeaten streak with Chelsea ended abruptly last Saturday with a slap at home against West Bromwich Albion (2-5), penultimate in the Premier League. Before that, the German coach had a dreamy debut with 14 games unbeaten since his appointment at the end of January. This came shortly after his ouster from PSG at the end of December, to which he returned to Sky Germany. Everything happened very quickly even if he became aware of the first negative signals quite late.

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“It was very surprising, because on December 22, I felt it for the first time in the evening, he said. I had a conversation with my sports director (Leonardo, editor’s note). Then a other news before the game on December 23 (against Strasbourg). I felt that could be a possibility, but it did not seem real to me. We won 4-0. “

“I got up, I said he had to fix it and I left”

“Then, we had this conversation, which lasted only two minutes, because there was not much left for me to say either, details the German. So, I stood up, I said that ‘ he needed to fix it and I left. Then we got our things and headed home to celebrate Christmas. “

On several occasions, Tuchel had confided to having lived a difficult Christmas before being offered the opportunity to take place on the bench of Chelsea. “At the level of my work, I had a shitty Christmas, and suddenly, I feel like I found the best present under the Christmas tree, he had declared on talkSport. to be in the competition with the best teams and the best coaches is what you dream of and when it comes true it is an incredible feeling. “

Since his appointment, Chelsea have entered the Top 4 even though the loss to WBA dropped the club to fifth place. The Blues have an appointment on Wednesday to play the quarter-final of the Champions League on the field of Porto (9 p.m., live on RMC Sport).


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