Next November 11 is one of the most important dates for online purchases. AliExpress celebrates 11.11 or also known as Singles’ Day. This shopping data is imported from China and has been installed in our calendar like Black Friday or Prime Day.
The strong day of discounts is November 11 and especially in AliExpress, although there are also other Chinese stores such as Banggood or GearBest that sign up with great discounts. To try to clarify all your doubts we have compiled the best tricks for you to save money.
At we are totally devoted to this holiday and that is why you will find in our shopping section the best offers that you can find during this day on all kinds of technology products such as mobile phones, laptops, hard drives, SSD drives … And on elements of the home such as small household appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners or the internet of things such as light bulbs or smart plugs.

When the 11.11 deals start


Officially 11/11 begins next Wednesday, November 11 at 9 a.m. (Peninsular time). You will hesitate 48 hours so the offers will disappear either when they are out of stock or on Friday, November 13 at 08:59:59.
From this moment AliExpress will show the special prices during this day and many coupons and discount codes can be used. But if you access AliExpress right now you can find prices that will be millions of products.

Add products you want to your shopping cart

Notice of offers on AliExpress during 11.11

This is possibly the most important step you can take to save on this next 11.11 on AliExpress. Right now you can access any product for sale and add it to your cart. You do not have to buy it but wait until Wednesday.

Many products already show the price they will have during this 11.11, but not all. Stores that sell on AliExpress often wait until the last minute to make changes. They may even be cheaper to compete.
For example, this Amazfit Neo costs € 34.44 right now, but the 11.11 will cost € 30.99, one of its lowest prices.
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When you see a product that you like, choose it among all its options (versions, colors, country of delivery…) and add it to the cart. On November 11 at 9 in the morning, you can enter the cart and see the reduced prices.

How to use coupons on AliExpress

AliExpress selection coupons

It doesn’t take a college degree to understand how AliExpress coupons work, although it seems complicated at times. You can only add 3 types of coupons: selection, AliExpress (global), and the seller himself.
Selection coupons are available during special dates and are often limited. You can find them on this page or by browsing some products. Although it will be up to the sellers to accept them or not. They usually appear in pink under their price and usually indicate that they will discount certain euros for every X euros spent.
AliExpress coupons have two formats, those that must be added to your account or those that have a code format that you have to write before making the payment for the product. They usually appear under the price of the product in yellow and you have to click on the Get button.
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Vendor coupons are the discounts that each store offers per individual product. They are usually interesting when you buy several units of a product. As a general rule, they only work if you spend a little more than it is worth, so you save on the second unit.

AliExpress and AliExpress Plaza: shipping differences are important

AliExpress Plaza Brands Week

AliExpress has two stores, one that is international and where 99% of orders come from China and AliExpress Plaza where all products are distributed directly from Spain to the peninsula.

The benefit of AliExpress Plaza is that shipments are usually free and very fast, in just 3 days you usually receive them at your home. The bad? Which are usually more expensive than products shipped from outside.
The reason is that all products shipped on AliExpress Plaza have their corresponding taxes included. And most importantly: a 2-year warranty.
Shipments of products purchased by AliExpress from China usually take a long time, usually about 2-3 weeks. But more and more products are shipping within 10 days of being shipped from distribution centers in France or Poland, so keep the shipping location in mind.