Tesla shuts down its Model 3 plant in California … because of a Samsung chip

The automotive sector is not spared by the shortage of computer components. After Ford, Toyota and Nissan, Tesla seems to be the latest victim of this chip shortage.
According to Bloomberg which relays the information, it is not a classic failure that would be the cause of the pause of the Model 3 production line but the absence of a component. Fremont employees, for their part, were invited to take leave without further explanation being communicated to them.

A Samsung chip is missing

It was only the day after the factory was closed that Elon Musk spoke to his employees in an internal email that the Electrek site managed to obtain.

“We are experiencing some supply issues, so we took this opportunity to close Fremont for a few days, which gives us the opportunity to improve some of our equipment and carry out some maintenance work”, explains the boss of Tesla.

Always according to Bloomberg, it is a component of Samsung which would be missing. Indeed, the Korean manufacturer has a factory in Austin, in the neighboring state of Texas. It would have been the victim of the bad weather which affected the southern United States and would therefore have stopped supplying Tesla. However, among the 10,000 parts that make up the Model 3, this Samsung chip would be essential for the proper functioning of the on-board computer and above all very difficult to integrate once the vehicle has been assembled.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

The factory’s resumption of activity should take place on March 7, but the shutdown was not without consequences for Tesla’s stock on the stock market, which lost 8% in the hours following this announcement.


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