Tesla opens a new center in Madrid and its first V3 supercharger in Spain

After announcing it last summer, this week, Tesla has opened its new center in Madrid-Sur and the first V3-type supercharger in Spain. Specifically, the location of the second large dealer to use the brand, with 6,300 square meters, in our country is in Fuenlabrada, at number 10 Calle Almendro.

Tesla has chosen this industrial estate in the south of Madrid, very well connected by various roads and with a few dealerships of other brands, for the opening of its second large Tesla center in Spain, after the site on Calle Metalurgia de Barcelona, ​​where in addition to delivering their cars, they have a technical service and a showroom.

In November, Tesla will open its third major center in Spain, which will be located in Valencia and is on its way to having another in the north of Madrid, although in that case, it will not be a dealership open to the public, but only a center for company operations. These locations join the four showrooms that have been operating for some time in Barcelona-Passeig de Gracia, Valencia-Seguros Correduría, Madrid-Serrano, and Madrid-Pozuelo.

In addition, just halfway between Madrid and Galicia, in Benavente, Tesla has also inaugurated this week its first Tesla type V3 charger in Spain. Throughout the world, Elon Musk’s company only has 33 facilities like this one that, from now on, will ensure the transit of Tesla users between the center and the northwest of the peninsula (there is another in León just at the foot of the A-6).


In fact, those who travel to the northwest in a brand car have, also since this week, the first Tesla supercharger in Galicia, located in Lugo and thus ensuring that they reach cities such as Ferrol, Santiago de Compostela or La Coruña.

What are Tesla V3 chargers?

Until now, Tesla has used V2 superchargers, but this V3s that it is starting to install is a totally new technology that is already prepared for the next generation of the brand’s electric vehicles, with the capacity to charge at a maximum power of 250 kW and that, Depending on the brand, they do not compromise the battery life.

The superchargers V3 Tesla in Europe employ CCS connectors, which are bearing the Model 3 as standard but can use other models of the brand through an adapter. This equipment is standard in the entire Tesla range since spring 2019, but for previous models, it can be ordered for 299 euros.


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