Technical problems with certain Videotron services

A major outage affected Videotron’s internet service and LTE network across Quebec in early Friday afternoon, depriving hundreds of thousands of customers of internet access. The service was gradually recovering by mid-afternoon.

More specifically, the breakdown occurred at 1:06 p.m., said Merick Séguin, spokesperson for the company.


“We are unable to confirm a return to normal time at this point,” the company said on its Twitter account at 3:22 pm.

The outage did not affect all customers, but the affected customers were located throughout the territory covered by Videotron.

The spokesperson specified that the company’s other services, including cable and cell phone services, had not been affected by the outage, which only affected Internet services and the LTE network, although little imports the device used.


As of September 30, Videotron had 1,773,600 internet customers and 1,454,600 cell phone customers.

The company did not have exact figures on the number of people affected by the outage.



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