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Tata Motors launches ‘Customer Dialogue 2020’ to improve customer service

In addition, the service will be available nationwide from November 1 to 30 as the Customer Service Festival and National Customer Care Day will be celebrated on October 23rd.

Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles will be tested across the country to find out the reactions of the customers under this hugely popular event. For years thousands of customers have been taking advantage of the event on a daily basis these days.

Tata Motors is focused on providing uninterrupted service to its customers during this epidemic.

The company strives to provide the best possible service to its customers and fleet operators to the best of its ability. Customer Dialogue is a customer engagement event that runs from October 23rd to 31st.

It raises awareness among consumers about the plans launched by Tata Motors in 2020. It includes information on Tata’s annual maintenance packages, TAT warranty, and BS-VI range of vehicles.

At the same time, Tata Motors uses this program to understand customer feedback and their expectations of the company. The company strives to improve products based on these responses.

Tata Motors celebrates National Customer Care Day on October 23 On the same day in 1954, the first Tata Motors truck was launched in Jamshedpur. As part of the Customer Service Festival, vehicles will be inspected across the country from November 1 to 30 through more than 1,500 dealers and Tata Authorized Service Centers.

Accordingly, Tata Motors will provide customers with a thorough inspection of their vehicles. The customer service festival in 2019 received a very wide response. More than 160,000 customers visited the camps.

“With the onset of the Kovid epidemic, the truck industry has become the custodian of the country’s supply chain. As one of the leading commercial vehicles in the country, Tata Motors is committed to ensuring the well-being of the tracking community.

To move this forward, this version of customer service plans will meet the changing times and the rapidly changing needs of customers.

As a customer-centric company, Tata Motors is at the forefront of listening to customers’ needs and delivering the best solutions.

The success of the customer dialogue program, which has been implemented for years, not only ensures the best service and freedom for the customers but also helps in the development of world-class products.

Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle Business Global Head, Customer Care, said: “Total Service 2.0 expands our efforts to provide better customer service and facilities. Ramakrishnan said.

Comprehensive Service 2.0 offers all the services that provide absolute peace of mind to the commercial vehicle customer under one umbrella.

This package includes nationwide breakdown service (excluding problem areas), the guaranteed turnaround time for service and repair, timely replacement in the event of a vehicle crash, annual maintenance contract, long term warranty, original spare parts parts, etc.

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