Sushant had narrated the story of his first date, bought tuition and bought bikes and Aloo Paratha had gone to Murthal

More than 6 months have passed since Sushant Singh Rajput and every day the love for this favorite star is increasing. Sushant Singh Rajput was very shy since childhood and it is his nature that is why his loved ones are present all over the world. Sushant Singh Rajput shared an anecdote about his first date in an interview.

In an interview, Sushant was asked about his first love, to which he replied that he first fell in love in fourth grade and she was a teacher. After this he was asked whether there was a first love or a girl crush after this? To which the actor replied – I am a very shy boy, I cannot go and speak to anyone that I love you.

When he was asked when he was first proposed or the first relationship? To this, Sushant said in response – in the ninth class. However, when asked about the first date, he said, ‘This is when I went to college. Till then there was no money! When I went to Delhi College of Engineering in the first year, I used to teach tuition to students who used to sit in the engineering engineering exam. He used to get money and then I bought a bike with those money.

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He further said that on the first date, he went to Murthle to eat potato parathas. In this interview, he also talked about his dreams and said that he makes 50 dreams every 6 months and ticks them on completion. He further said that dreams will continue to be made and will live.

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Sushant is no longer among us. On 14 June last year, his fans around the world were shaken to hear that he was no more. His dead body was found in his room at his home in Bandra. It was told that this case is of suicide. However, it was very difficult for anyone to believe. Fans refused to accept it as suicide. More than a month after Sushant’s death, his father K.K. Singh lodged an FIR against Riya Chakraborty. He alleges that Riya has instigated Sushant for suicide. However, the investigation of the case is still in the hands of the CBI and till now the real cause of Sushant’s death has not been revealed.

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