Surgery for Kamal Haasan .. Akshara, Shruti Haasan’s reaction on father’s health condition

Senior actor and local leader Kamal Haasan, who has been busy with movies and politics along with the Bigg Boss show for a few days, underwent surgery on his leg. Recently, he had an accident during the shooting of his latest movie Shabash Naidu. The pain was reversed when he was told by doctors to rest and put aside all work, including film shooting, for a few days, but Avey ignored him and immersed himself in work. He underwent minor surgery.

Kamal’s daughters Shrutihaasan and Akshara Haasan tweeted this on Twitter. “Kamal Haasan has undergone leg surgery. Thanks to all your love, affection and blessings, this surgery was a success. Kamal will stay in the hospital for another four and a half days. Sri Rama Chandra Hospital has taken a lot of care in the matter of Nannangari health. We would like to express our special gratitude to the doctors there. ” Shruti and Akshara said that it would be enough for Konnal to rest and then he would meet the people again as usual.
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Kamal Haasan, the founder of the Makkal Needi Mayyam party, is planning to make an entry in full health by the time the political heat begins in Tamil Nadu by April. He is currently working on ‘Bharatiyudu 2’ and recently committed to another film directed by Lokesh Kanakagaraj.

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