Surat News: Accused of stealing bike to fulfill hobbies of wife, police climbed

The desire of the wife of a man working in a diamond company in Surat, Gujarat was more than necessary. She expected a better life and joy from her relatives. To fulfill these wishes of the wife, her salary was getting low, due to which she started the business of stealing the bike. The police is now in the hands of the accused.

On receiving tip related to the bike theft accused, the people of Crime Branch arrested 37-year-old Balwant Chauhan from Hirabag Circle in Varachha. Strictly questioned, Balwant confessed his crime. He also told that the wife was jealous of her elder sister. The sister was married to the builder and her lifestyle was much better. So in order to fulfill the wishes of the wife, the accused started stealing.

Giving information, the police said that due to constant taunting on behalf of the wife and comparison with the sister, she thought of adopting a way to make easy money. He was able to earn 15 to 20 thousand rupees every month by doing diamond work. The job also went into lockdown. So he started stealing the bike on a large scale.

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Police have recovered 30 stolen motorcycles from the accused, which were stolen from the areas of Kapodara, Cuttargam, Warachha and Amroli. The accused stole several bikes from the diamond unit itself. He was aware of employees’ working hours, parking and commuting. The accused said that he had stolen the first bike in 2017. This year he stole 25 bikes.



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