Superleague: Ligue 1 joins the sling of the European championships

While twelve major European clubs are preparing to formalize their Superleague project, the LFP and the FFF announced this Sunday their opposition to this new competition, even if no Ligue 1 club has yet subscribed to it. . A condemnation that joins those of the main European championships, worried about the attractiveness of their domestic football.

“A criminal act against football fans”. Just that. Gary Neville spoke with great emotion this Sunday on Sky Sports. Like many observers, the former Manchester United defender said he was disgusted by the Superleague project that twelve European clubs are preparing to announce. This new competition, designed to compete with the Champions League and allow its founding members to pocket more gains, has not yet been formalized.

But Real Madrid, Barça, Atlético de Madrid, Inter, AC Milan, Juventus, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham have agreed to launch this semi-closed League. Enough to cause a global shock wave. And a wave of indignant reactions. Starting with the National Leagues, necessarily worried about the attractiveness of their championships. It’s hard to imagine the best clubs on the continent competing against each other all year round, while remaining fully concerned by their domestic competitions.

“The disappearance of a system based on sporting merit”

Although no Ligue 1 club has yet subscribed to the Superleague, the French Football Federation and the Professional Football League have issued a joint statement expressing their opposition to the project: “The hegemonic dreams of an oligarchy will result in the disappearance of a European system which has allowed football an unprecedented development on the European continent. By breaking this balance, the Superleague project put an end to a system based on sporting merit and which has been able to in place of solidarity mechanisms with all European federations. The FFF and LFP recall that the basis of the domestic championships contributes to the development of all football. In France, through solidarity mechanisms, professional football feeds into all sport and amateur football. “

La Liga want to “prevent that from happening”

While six of its clubs aspire to the Superleague, the English Federation has sent a scathing message. As a warning. “We will not allow a competition to take place which damages English football and we will take any legal action necessary to protect the general interest of football,” a statement read. Same story for the Premier League, determined to fight against a proposal “which attacks the principle of open competition and based on sporting merit”. “We will work with the supporters, the federation and other stakeholders, here and abroad, to defend the integrity and the future prospects of English football, in the interest of the game”, announces the English League .

In Spain, Javier Tebas has also stepped up to the plate against “Superleague gurus”, tackling “their selfishness and lack of solidarity”. “We will consider all the measures available, at all levels, judicial and sporting, to prevent this from happening,” assures the president of La Liga. Even if its clubs have for the moment decided not to join the Superleague, the German League wanted to show solidarity with its neighbors: “The economic interest of a handful of clubs in England, Italy and Spain should not lead to the demise of established structures of European football. It would be irresponsible to cause irreparable damage to the national leagues, the basis of our European football “.


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