Super League: when the ‘bots’ make propaganda for the new competition

Since the start of the day, thousands of bots have been spamming social networks with the same propaganda message. A very funny way for the Super League to try to convince fans and football players …

The super league is a good idea and will revolutionize football. I speak for everyone when I say YES to the European Super League.“All over social networks, this message in English quickly spread, backed by numerous posts mentioning the Super League directly or indirectly. Obviously in the midst of a propaganda campaign, the new super-competition has apparently – she declared (virtual) war on the Champions League, which she tries to supplant with the creation of a format which should monopolize from the 2022-23 season the largest formations in Europe, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain excepted.

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Thousands (millions?) Of subliminal messages

Probably broadcast by communication agencies requisitioned for the occasion, while the competitor of UEFA has formalized its emergence on the night of Sunday to Monday, these messages are clubbed on accounts a priori without a human soul behind. “The Super League is a good idea and will revolutionize football” is mentioned both under a message posted by PSG midfielder Ander Herrera on his Twitter account as under a video of the UEFA account, including a photo of Tomáš Souček broadcast by West Ham…

With the publication of these thousands (millions?) Of subliminal messages, does the Super League hope to enter the brains of fans if not enter their hearts? Since the announcement of the creation of this terribly lucrative competition, reactions from players in the football world, and even from European political bodies, have flocked to alarm about the dramatic consequences it could engender.

Romain Daveau Journalist RMC Sport


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