Super League: UEFA ready to discuss with dissident clubs for a return to the Champions League

During a UEFA press conference, Aleksandr Ceferin announced that sanctions would be taken against the twelve clubs which announced the creation of the Super League, and against their players. But the UEFA president left the door open for a return of these clubs to the bosom of the forum.

Between the twelve founding clubs of the Super League and UEFA, war is declared. Aleksander Ceferin, president of the governing body of European football, announced this Monday at the beginning of the afternoon during a press conference that sanctions will be taken against the players and clubs affected by this project of new competition.

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An impossible UEFA-Super League cohabitation

Ceferin recalled that it was “still too early to know from a legal point of view”, but the Slovenian wants the teams concerned to be “excluded from all competitions” and that the players of these clubs be “banned from the World Cup and Euro “. But Ceferin did not completely close the door in the face of the 12 dissidents.

Asked about a possible reconciliation – and in other words, a possible cohabitation – between the Super League project and UEFA, Ceferin was first very clear: “No, never”. “I’m not asking that they (the twelve clubs, editor’s note) come back to their knees,” said the UEFA president, “but if they want to participate in a fantastic project (the reform of the C1 was announced this Monday, editor’s note), they will be welcome “.

Ceferin appeals to the common sense of dissident clubs

Despite this outstretched hand, which should dissuade dissident clubs but which has little chance of success given the progress of the Super League project, Ceferin still stressed that UEFA could move forward without these twelve great teams. “There are a lot of clubs in Europe, a lot of excellent clubs, a lot of passionate supporters. We have approved the change of format of the competition, and we will play with or without these 12 clubs”, explained the president of the UEFA.

Ceferin ended the press conference by appealing to the common sense of the secessionist clubs: “I understand that some clubs have been under great pressure to sign but now it’s time to say: ‘We have figured out what the sense of football and we respect our supporters. ‘ And anyone who respects their supporters will back down. “


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