Super League: UEFA claims to have the support of Infantino and Fifa

During the press conference on Monday, Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, assured that Gianni Infantino, his counterpart at FIFA, had supported the European body in the face of the Super League project, led by 12 dissident clubs. But a stronger statement is expected Tuesday.

In the aftermath of the announcement of the creation of the Super League, a competition of 12 dissident clubs to compete in the Champions League, UEFA decided to retaliate. The institution held Monday afternoon a press conference already planned to formalize the reform of the C1, which will come into force in 2024. But it was also an opportunity to counter-attack.

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After indicating that the players who would participate in the Super League would be excluded from their national team, Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, indicated that he had had the support of Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA: “I ‘ I spoke with him. He fully supports us. He will strongly condemn this project, I hope tomorrow (Tuesday) at the congress “, he declared. “The president (of Fifa) will have to make a statement because he is the president of the body that governs world football,” Aleksander Ceferin also warned. The UEFA executive committee which started in Switzerland on Monday is set to continue on Tuesday.

FIFA “in favor of solidarity” and “a fair redistribution model”

24 hours after the Super League revelations, FIFA had shown only half-hearted support for UEFA. “FIFA can only disapprove of a closed and dissident European League outside the football structures. FIFA wants to clarify that it is positioning itself firmly in favor of solidarity in football and a fair redistribution model. FIFA is positioning itself always in favor of unity in world football and calls on all parties involved in heated discussions to engage in a calm, constructive and balanced dialogue for the good of this game, ”the body said in a statement sent on Sunday evening. UEFA therefore expects more frank support on Tuesday.

During the press conference on Monday, Aleksander Ceferin did not mince words to describe the Super League, “a shameful proposal” by a few clubs “guided by greed”, “a spitting in the face of all lovers football, ”he said pell-mell. The Slovenian also severely tackled Andrea Agnelli, president of Juve and the main instigators of this closed league: “Agnelli is the biggest disappointment. I have never seen a person lie so persistently. I spoke to him on Saturday afterwards. – midday and he said to me: ‘Don’t worry, these are rumors. Nothing will happen.’ Greed is so strong that it crushes all human values. “


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