Super League: the English press announces an imminent withdrawal from Chelsea and Manchester City

Sky Sport, the BBC and the Telegraph agree that Chelsea and Manchester City are on their way to withdraw from the Super League, as rumors of disaffection began to swell. We are therefore moving towards the first two packages among the twelve clubs at the initiative of the project.

Their determination to make the Super League the ideal replacement for the Champions League will not have lived. According to the English press (BBC, Sky Sport, Telegraph….), Chelsea and Manchester City are already preparing the documents which will allow the termination of their signing in favor of the Super League, this competition created from scratch on the initiative of a handful of European clubs eager to enrich themselves.

Another club, Atlético de Madrid, could follow the Blues and the Citizens on this path. It was whispered this Tuesday, that Chelsea and Manchester City began to think about the possibility of leaving the ship, in the face of the pressure, increasingly strong, that the world of football and the governments exert for two days on the dissidents. Things have accelerated very quickly.

The joy of Chelsea supporters

“It’s not too late to change their minds, everyone makes mistakes,” UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said on Tuesday at the UEFA annual congress. A hand extended in sign of openness that the leaders of Chelsea and Manchester City would have chosen to accept.

Earlier today, the Guardian revealed that the two English clubs would have joined the mutiny that the others were fomenting for fear of not participating in the Champions League, of which they will play the semi-finals of the 2020-2021 edition.

The news spread to England, and filled with joy the Chelsea supporters who expressed their discontent by blocking traffic in London on Tuesday, on the sidelines of their team’s match against Brighton (9 p.m.), in the Premier League.


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