Super League: the amount already lost by the clubs involved

According to the Daily Mail, the English clubs could face financial penalties for not respecting their contract binding them to the Super League project. The dissident clubs have in any case lost several millions in this affair.

It is now time to take stock for dissident clubs. Officialized this Sunday, the Super League project will not even last a week, with the announcement on Tuesday of the withdrawal of the six English clubs. This Wednesday morning, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atlético de Madrid also formalized their departure from this project.

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English clubs sanctioned?

According to the Daily Mail, tens of millions of euros have already been lost in this case in total for the clubs. Each club would have spent each a little more than 9 million for this project to see the light of day, between legal aspects, creation of infrastructures and communications. And in addition to this money which will logically not be reimbursed, significant financial sanctions could be taken insofar as the contract with this European Super League has been broken by these clubs. The Daily Mail says lawyers structured the contracts so that teams could resist controversy, as these various players expected retaliation.

Finally, the popular scolding and threats from international and national federations were too strong, forcing the English clubs to withdraw. The project initially planned for Europe could have been developed on other continents. But the first stage was greatly flipped, obviously calling everything into question, as confirmed by its vice-president Andrea Agnelli on Wednesday, endorsing the project for the time being in the face of the withdrawal of English clubs.

The money lined up for the creation of this project also came from the investment fund JP Morgan, which promised a total sum of more than 3 billion euros for this Super League. The money invested so far has been used to create the infrastructure for this new competition and finance legal costs or find business partners. The six English clubs could therefore pay the other clubs for breaking this contract, although Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atlético de Madrid have since withdrawn. A clause stated that neither club could break this contract during the first three years.


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