Super League: the 2021 Champions League will go well to an end

After the announcement of the creation of a Super League, rumors of a cancellation of the end of the Champions League season have emerged. In reality, UEFA is not expected to make such an announcement on Monday, during its executive committee meeting.

How should UEFA react? In the aftermath of the announcement of the creation of a Super League by twelve of the continent’s biggest clubs, the body which directs European football will have to take a stand. On Sunday, even before the formalization, UEFA denounced the project in a press release.

This Monday, she must announce the reform, which must take shape in 2024, of the Champions League, its competition which brings it the most and which will be directly competed by the Super League. So, inevitably, UEFA is considering its options to counter-attack and punish the twelve clubs concerned.

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No suspension of C1 and C3

One of the options considered and which emerged on Sunday night was to suspend the Champions League and Europa League season. In C1, Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid have qualified for the semi-finals and are part of the Super League project, like Arsenal and Manchester United, present in the last four of C3.

UEFA should not opt ​​for this decision, however, as Rob Harris, reporter for Associated Press said: “UEFA has not suspended the Champions League and the Europa League”. This Monday, the body headed by Aleksandr Ceferin will be satisfied with other statements. “Affected clubs will be banned from participating in any other competition at national, European or world level, and their players may be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams,” UEFA said in its statement on Sunday.

Other sanctions are already being considered

UEFA therefore has several options on the table: suspend the twelve clubs from any European Cup from next season, obtain from the federations concerned a suspension of these teams from their national championships, and prohibit, in cooperation with FIFA, the players of the clubs concerned to play with their selections.

Despite the revolution that European football is currently experiencing, the Champions League and the Europa League should therefore continue as if nothing had happened. A heavy atmosphere could thus surround the semifinals of C1 and C3 whose first leg will take place next week, including PSG-Manchester City on April 28 on RMC Sport.

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