Super League: tackle Perez, threats … what to remember from Ceferin’s long interview

In a lengthy interview with Slovenian television on Wednesday evening, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin spoke behind the scenes of the handling of the Super League crisis. He notably slipped a tackle to Florentino Pérez, president of the project.

Having emerged victorious from his battle against the twelve founding clubs of the Super League, Aleksander Čeferin visited the studios of Slovenian television Pop TV this Wednesday evening to take stock of this crisis. The UEFA president was of course pleased to see this competing project fall apart.

He took the opportunity to tell behind the scenes of the last few days which agitated European football, but also to shoot some arrows, in particular against Florentino Pérez, the boss of Real Madrid. Excerpts from this interview.

  • The tackle slipped to Pérez

Asked about his distrust of Florentino Pérez, also the first president of the Super League, Aleksander Čeferin gives his explanation: “He wants a president who would obey him, who would listen to him and who would do what he thinks. ‘trying to do what I think is good for European and world football.

  • Happy with the support given by Macron and Johnson

By recounting the “combination of factors” which led to the collapse of the Super League, the Slovenian leader said he was able to discuss with been in connection with the Elysee and Downing Street during the day on Monday: “There was a immediate response from the office of Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron “.

More precisely relaunched on the support given by the British Prime Minister, who threatened to use the legislative weapon to bring back the English clubs in the right way, Aleksander Čeferin explains: “We were in contact, and we also spoke [ce mercredi] with his cabinet. They reacted perfectly. I have to say I was impressed with their efficiency. They immediately said that they were available to us for anything tonight, that they would speak out publicly with strong statements. This reaction from the British government has helped a lot “.

  • Convinced the Super League would fail

“I just believed in the power of football. I’ve been in office for five years. I realized this enormous power. Football can start or stop wars, but also great social movements. I was convinced that , especially in England, the supporters would not give in. And I knew from the reactions of Johnson, Macron, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban and the European Commission that it would be over soon. “

  • “Less disappointed” by Laporta and Barça

Aleksander Čeferin affirms that FC Barcelona “disappointed him less” than Real Madrid, in particular because the Catalan club very recently changed presidency with the election of Joan Laporta: “I spoke to him two or three times. was under pressure because of the financial situation in which the football club found itself, and he inherited it. It was not his fault that the situation was such. So he was clearly under great pressure, but at the same time. time, as a wise negotiator, he kept a way out “. A reference undoubtedly to this clause evoked by the Spanish press, suggesting that the socios could derail the participation of the club in this project.

  • “Consequences” despite the excuses?

“The doors to UEFA are open, but at the same time, everyone will have to suffer the consequences of their actions, he warns. All these clubs are part of UEFA. Of course, I will never have a personal relationship again. with some people. But I can always sort things out. “

“It’s about football. I can sit next to everyone. But in the competitions that we organize, it is also me who sets the seating plan, he also warns. The point is that if a club wants to play in our competition, they will have to contact us and we will have to sort out the things that have happened now. I don’t want to go into specifics, because we are still discussing this with the legal team. But I would say it is. a very good decision on the part of the English clubs and we will also take into account the fact that they admitted their mistake, that they understood they were wrong …. We all make mistakes. “


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