Super League: Sassuolo coach refuses to meet AC Milan, one of the founders

Quite annoyed by the potential arrival of a Super League, Sassuolo coach Roberto De Zerbi bludgeoned its implementation and one of its founders, AC Milan. Chance of the calendar, the two teams meet on Wednesday (6.30 p.m.).

Sassuolo manager Roberto De Zerbi is up against the Super League, this dissident competition in which three Italian clubs have agreed to participate. One of them, AC Milan, welcomes Sassuolo on Wednesday (6.30 p.m.), on the occasion of the 32nd day of Serie A. And the least we can say is that the coach de Sassuolo is not very keen on meeting the Rossoneri leaders in Lombardy.

De Zerbi denounces “a coup”

“I would not want to play this match tomorrow, he said in a press conference on Tuesday. I indicated it to my players and to our general manager, Giovanni Carnovali. If they force me to go, clearly I’ll go. But I’m not enjoying it because Milan is one of the founders of the Super League. ” Sassuolo’s coach said he was very touched by the method used, which for him is similar, “both in content and in the method used”, to “a coup”, just that.

This competition of which the jackpot would be vampirized by a handful of privileged (twelve clubs have indicated that they wanted to be) sure to be part of it each year does not thrill De Zerbi, intractable with the mutineers. “Football belongs to everyone,” he said. “It’s like the son of a worker can’t dream of becoming a surgeon, doctor or lawyer. It’s like I’ve been told, in the schoolyard when I was little, ‘the ball is mine, I play with it, I take it.’


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