Super League: Petit resents UEFA and "twelve bastards"

In Top of the foot, this Monday on RMC, Emmanuel Petit expressed his anger towards UEFA, which he accuses of having indirectly prepared the ground for the Super League project.

Anger is brewing among football players around the world, the day after the announcement of the launch of the Super League. After Éric Di Meco, it is the turn of another RMC Sport consultant, Emmanuel Petit, to rise up against the project. “This is what I denounce for years, he regretted this Monday in Top of the foot. These clubs want to focus on a closed league, which will remove sporting uncertainty and allow them to to collect a lasting financial mass, in the long term. “

“The twelve clubs, I renamed them” The twelve bastards “(in reference to the western of the same name, editor’s note) or the Rap-tout (in reference to the Unknowns). These powerful people who bite into everything no longer want to leave crumbs”, continued the 1998 world champion. What I see is that the majority of the shareholders of these clubs are all outside the European Union. And they all want to change the European model, which is based on sporting merit. “

Too “lax” authorities

For him, UEFA has a huge share of responsibility in the current situation. In an exercise w here he plays a prosecutor, later in the show, he extensively vilified the European body. “I accuse UEFA of lax in the face of the most powerful European clubs, he said. This project has been announced for a long time, programmed, so it’s not a surprise, just another scandal. Because the UEFA has gone astray for a long time, with C1 reforms, ever greater inequalities between rich clubs and others, deregulation and political inaction. It is a beautiful representation of the world in which we live. : a minority which gorges itself on the backs of others and is never satisfied. “

“Like the IOC and Fifa, UEFA lives in its silver tower, he continued. They should instead question the solutions that are present under their noses.” The former Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea (three founding clubs of the Super League) then presented solutions to clean up the finances of football: “a strict regulation of the transfer market”, “a common guarantee fund “,” a European DNCG “. Before concluding: “Solutions exist, but it would still take courage, severity, and a political desire to revolutionize things.”


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