Super League: Perez softens his speech and acknowledges that "something was done wrong"

In an interview with AS to be released on Saturday, Florentino Perez continues to defend his Super League project … while acknowledging that “something has been done wrong” and calling for consultation.

He is arguably the greatest defender in the Super League, even with the odd turn he is taking. However, even Florentino Perez began to add water to his wine, in an interview to appear in the columns of the newspaper AS on Saturday. The Real Madrid president admitted that “something was done wrong” with the project, while continuing to maintain its merits.

A call to “confront ideas”

“The Super League is not against the domestic championships and aims to generate more money for all of football. It was designed in the interest of all parties, he said. . But in the end, something was done wrong. ” The Madrid leader then called for “confronting ideas” to move forward.

Still involved in the Super League, of which he had been appointed president, Florentino Perez has logically continued to defend the competition, on which he has been working for three years. “It is a plan which is not exclusive and which does not go against the European leagues, he added. Football is seriously ill, because its economy is collapsing and we have to adapt to this time. . I think the new UEFA reform does not solve the problem either. “

Perez still wants to win back the young

He also returned to one of these preferential arguments: the supposed lack of interest of adolescents in football. “Something must be done because young people, between 14 and 24, abandon football because it bores them and focus on other entertainment that they prefer,” he said, taking up the points he had advanced in the program El Chiringuito this Monday.

From the start, Perez, who was dropped by ten of the twelve “founding” clubs of the Super League, ensures that his project, which would not be dead but only “on standby”, has just been misunderstood. His choice could in any case cost him dearly: according to Aleksander Ceferin, the president of UEFA, he would personally incur sanctions, like all the other presidents who supported the project.

Corentin Parbaud Journalist RMC Sport


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